A Hundred Blooms cover art

A Hundred Blooms Extended Mix

Alpha Tango and Friends

The setting of A Hundred Blooms

The poet Jayadeva sets the scene for his epic story, the Gita Govinda. It is spring. Radha searches for her true love, Krishna, on an island in the forest by a river. Her friend sings to her to heighten the mood.

A Hundred Blooms can be heard in its original shorter form on the album Under the Bimba Blossoms. The version heard here features extended improvisations played for us by the talented musicians who contributed to the creation of both CDs.

Musicians in order of entrance:

sitar: Larry Ludwig
tamboura: Tom Fallat
flute: Sura Charlier
tabla: Vishal Nagar
vocals: Heidi Drucker
trombone: Greg Powers
violin: Michael White
clarinet: Liz Dreisbach
2nd tamboura: Heidi Drucker

A Hundred Blooms extended mix
Alpha Tango: Tom Fallat / Heidi Drucker
Music for Relaxation and Meditation
A companion volume to “Under the Bimba Blossoms”

A Hundred Blooms (51:17)
Rag: Kaunsi Bhairavi Misra
Tal: Pancham Savari (15 beats)

Concept and direction by Heidi Drucker and Tom Fallat
based on “Gita Govinda” by Jayadeva, 12th Century Indian poet
lyrics adapted by Heidi Drucker, from the English translations of the Sanskrit by George Keyt and Sir Edwin Arnold
Graphic Design by Steve Miller
Original painting: “She desired to Triumph,” collection of Anupan and Rajika Puri
Used with gracious permission of the owners
special thanks to Tor Dietrichson
©Fallat/Drucker 1995-2005 All Rights Reserved
Published by Savage Fruitarian Music (BMI)
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Sound Sound Studios, Seattle
Produced by Tom Fallat
A Savage Fruitarian Production ©2005

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